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This is the main time when the entire body of Christ at Bethlehem joins together for worship from 11:00 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. Here is a typical order for the worship service:

  • Preparation for Praise, which is music played by our Organist and Pianist to prepare our hearts and minds for worship.
  • The candles on the altar are lit at this time by the acolytes to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit with us in worship.
  • The Choir or Special Music is sung to call us to worship.
  • A welcome and opening prayer is led by one of our Deacons.
  • We sing a congregational hymn of adoration and praise to God.
  • One of our Deacons announces the various opportunities for ministry and worship that are coming up.
  • We sing another congregational hymn in preparation for giving our tithes and offerings.
  • As we worship through giving, the choir sings special music called an offertory.
  • The tithes and offering are then brought to the altar, which symbolizes giving them back to God, and we sing a song of praise to God thanking him for his many blessings followed by a prayer of thanksgiving.
  • The children (K-5th) take part in a special message before they head to Children's Church.
  • We then spend a few moments thanking God for his blessings and bringing our requests and concerns to Him in prayer.
  • The Scripture text is read aloud.
  • One of our pastors then shares a message from that text.            
  • We then close the service by singing a hymn and allowing time for people to respond to the preaching of the Word and how God may be speaking to them during the service. 


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