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The Place of Church History in a Christian's Life

Certain spots on earth become sacred to the right-thinking person. The old home with its memories and associations link us to those of our own flesh and blood. Childhood and youth, birth and death, happy playtime and toilsome hours. Who can ever forget the old home with all its hallowed memories; the dear parents who sacrificed for us to have the necessities of life and influenced us to live a consecrated Christian life.

School days and college campus; noble thoughts and high ideals; dreams and visions that cast a halo over all the coming years; who can ever forget his alma mater; the faithful teachers who ministered to the pupils, and the long line of graduates passing from her halls; our pastors who are God’s messengers and bring to us God’s words to see that we are fed spiritually.

Among these sacred spots for memory and for tears, stands the church. The church where generation after generation, the spiritual fires have been kept burning. Where innocent child and aged grandfather meet around a common Holy of Holies. Where we hear the voice of God saying "come unto Me." The church in whose quiet God’s acre sleep those whose weary feet are now at rest; where slumber the generations whose work is done; who have gone from our homes forever, but who shall forever be kept in fond recollection within these hearts of ours.

Bethlehem Church is dear to our hearts. Here our grandfathers built, of rude hewn logs, their first church and gathered here to renew their faith.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The late Mrs. Lena S. Madren - 1982

The introduction and our history from 1832 to 1982 was taken from History of Bethlehem Christian Church by Mrs. Lena S. Madren.

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